Tuesday, May 19, 2020

PTA is given six weeks to decide whether to ban PUBG or not

Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) is one of the most played games across the globe. The multiplayer shooting game has a huge community that is also residing in Pakistan. However, as per reports, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been directed by the Lahore High Court to decide whether to ban the game in Pakistan after a petition from a citizen as Faizan Maqsood has been filed.

The petition stated that the game has an injurious effect on children and promotes violence. In addition to this, the petition also mentioned that the game has an adverse effect on children’s decision-making ability. Maqsood via the petition has requested to remove the game from the play store. Lahore High Court has given the directive to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to make a decision in six weeks. The filed petition only remarks removing the game from play store, nothing pertaining to the game being played on PC or consoles.

The game has already been banned in Jordan, Iraq, Nepal, and The Indian state of Gujrat for its violent nature. As per reports, Pakistani players feel the petition is totally uncalled for with many asking parents to control their children’s playtime rather than filing a petition to ban the game.

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