Thursday, August 8, 2019

10 Things To Know about Turkey

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Turkey is a country nestles between Asia, Europe and Middle East. Istanbul is the only city in this  world that is straddled between two continents of the world. This country is home for many significant historical groups. Almost every town you visit in this country will be a home of ancient ruins.  

Here are few things that you need to know before travelling to this beautiful country:

1. Turkish is the only language. Some people from middle east might also take help from Arabic.

2. This country isn't expensive at all. One meal would cost you $1 to $36 everyday. 
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3. Turkey is good for any weather summer or winter. You don't need to worry about weather there.

4. Although Turkish has a large Muslim population but it is still influenced a lot by Europe in dressing. Women usually cover head before travelling to religious site. 

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5. Turkish is a safe country. You don't need to worry about travelling alone there. 

6. Head to the towns of  Ölüdeniz and Kaş for fresh water and seafood. 
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7. Drugs are not tolerated in Turkey. 

8. Turkish cuisine is vegetarian friendly completely.
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9. Street cats and dogs are a part of the scenery. There is even a statue of Tomibili cat who died in 2016.
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10. Tea is major sign of hospitality among Turkish people. They are also offended if you refuse tea.
Photo Credit: theculturaltrip 
So, these were some interesting facts about Turkey. Comment down below if it is common in your country as well.. 

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