Friday, August 2, 2019

Pakistanis react about Momina Duraid refusing to work with Firdos Jamal

Photo Credit: Sama TV 

Few days ago, Firdos Jamal expressed his opinion about Mahira Khan in a TV show. He said that Mahira Khan is too old to appear as a heroine. She should be playing a mother's role. He also called her a mediocre model.

On this, all media seemed to be supporting and praising Mahira Khan as an actress including the host of the show Faisal Qureshi who said that he hopes for Mahira Khan's upcoming film Superstar. Everyone praised how she has represented Pakistan on different international forums.   

After this situation Momina Duraid issued a statement on Instagram. The CEO of MD production claimed that they would not want to work with Firdos Jamal after this kind of behavior. She also called Mahira Khan a women with integrity, self control and solid principles. She called his behavior regressive and discriminating. 

After this situation, media and all the fans on social media seem to scattered on social media. 

 Many people claimed that this situation could have been handled in a better way than this. 

People called this move of MD production shameful. They also called Firdos Jamal a legend and Mahira Khan a star.  

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