Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Irfan Junejo lost almost 6000 followers because of his stance about Kashmir issue

Photo Credit: YouTube 
Recently a lot of Pakistani celebrities and YouTubers spoke boldly and courageously about the Kashmir Issue. India was repealing Article 370 by its terrible moves. Pakistanis were also looking forward to some public figures to highlight the issue further. 

Irfan Junejo made a statement saying that he was being forced to make a video about Kashmir. He claimed that he did not want to do it at first, but he was being bashed for staying quite on this matter. 

Irfan tried to explain why does not want to talk about Kashmir issue in the first place. But people stared calling him arrogant and unfollowed him from social media.  
Moreover, he lost his almost 6000 followers and people decided to cancel him. 

People also accused him of being greedy. They said that he prefers fame and money over humanity.  They reminded him that he has been an activist as well but he only cares about his subscribers. Only a little people tried to defend him.

Share your opinion about this case?  

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