Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hassan Ali posted pictures with his wife to be and people started making memes about it

Photo Credit: newsone.tv 
Hasaan Ali is a Pakistani cricketer who posted some photos with his wife to be few days ago. He said that he is not getting married yet but he is just going to meet the family. To this post, people reacted very quickly and funnily. He used the hashtag #GettingReadyForFamilyMeetup and people started making jokes. 

People are making jokes as he is going to tie a knot with an Indian girl. Just like Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza. It looks like this what made the fans more excited than the pre-wedding photo-shoot. 

Photo Credit: laughingcolours.com 

The meetup with the family must have went well as he posted these pictures with his Indian wife to be before his wedding today. 

After this pre-nikkah photoshoot which went pretty well, Hassan and Samiya's Mehandi was also quite viral on the internet. The couple looked amazing together but the people could not stop making memes.

While some people were talking because of joggers others were making jokes on India Pakistan affairs. 

It does not matter that the girl originally belongs to India, we all should be happy as the couple is happy together. Now almost everyone looks forward to seeing their wedding festivals. 

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