Thursday, August 1, 2019

Feroze Khan Just Cancelled Momina Duraid After She Banned Firdous Jamal From MD Productions

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A renowned producer Momina Duraid recently took her Instagram account to support Mahira Khan after Firdous Jamal’s controversial remarks about the actress.

The CEO of MD Productions wrote while praising Mahira “a woman with immense integrity, self-control, and solid principles.” Momina considered Firdous Jamal’s comments as “disrespectful and regressive” before announcing that her company “would not work with him again in any capacity.”
Firdous Jamal’s son reacted to this statement by releasing a statement criticizing Momina Duraid for shunning a respected veteran of the showbiz industry.

Feroze Khan also responded to Momina’s collective decision for the company, and criticized her for overpowering “freedom of speech.”
Feroze wrote, “My question … is this what freedom of speech gets you? Getting someone’s bread and butter canceled?? If it does … then I want every single bastard out there bashing any human being on the internet get canceled the same way!! Coz you can’t! 🙂 Enough is enough! Get up before you’re next!.”

The social media at most has been much divided regarding Momina’s decision. Many have strongly condemned this decision against a veteran actor, others have advocated that such severity of ageism and misogyny must have repercussions.
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