Friday, July 26, 2019

Zara Noor Abbas Just Revealed She Faced Body Shamming In The Industry

Photo Credit: BBC Asian Network 

“My talent is not going to suffer because of that.”

Zara Noor Abbas just had an interview with BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid. In her talk about her career experience and hurdles faced, she revealed that she faced body shimming for a lot of time. At some point it started to affect her confidence.

She also shared that initially she was criticised for having looks like or trying to look like Mahira Khan in the industry. She was also bullied for walking a fashion show by the other models. The ‘Khamooshi’ actress says that these once stopped her growth as an actress.

Photo Credit: BBC Asian Network
Zara said she has always tried to know values through representing a “Pakistani woman” in a more liberal and modern route. She said she was body-shamed for a very long time on social media, but tried to end it so that she doesn’t lose focus.

While discussing all her comparisons of body shamming with Mahira Khan, she says that it brought her self-depreciation. “It’s problematic when you start taking pills or undergo surgery to lose weight,” said Zara.

Photo Credit: BBC Asian Network 

Zara told that she was asked not to wear jeans, sleeveless, short shirts and tight pants. She was also bullied for her weight. She says that she became more self-aware and conscious for being healthier than everyone else. 
She says that after all this criticism she faced, she didn’t let go or give up. She faced it bravely in the most positive way she can. She said: “it has always made me sob about my identity but I had to tell myself to stop and embrace myself and my flaws no matter what size I am.” Moreover, “People asked me to go get liposuction and it has always hurt me and made me cry.”
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