Friday, July 26, 2019

UK Photographer's Works On Asian Countries Delight His Followers

Perfect composition, organized chaos and bright, vibrant colors make viewers to follow British travel photographer Jord Hammond's Instagram account in the first few seconds.
Scrolling through the potpourri of appealing scenes he has just captured from around the globe, with Asian countries in his cross-hairs, one can't help but gleefully get glued to his page.
Nowdays, he is in Bali as his insta account reveals, 

Amazingly, the 25-year-old travel influencer is quite a newbie in photography, as marketing and advertising was his major at university.
Despite that, the God-gifted photographer has already distinguished himself from others in the industry with his unique work; meanwhile, his visually stimulating feed has kept sparking wanderlust in his viewers, who'd follow his steps to places where his shots were taken.
Check out some of his shots, 

Jord Hammond captured a road snakes across the mountain landscape in this aerial view of Tianmen Mountain in Zhnagjiajie, Central China's Hunan province.
Photo Source: China Daily

When he shows us SriLanka, he mesmerizes us, Ain't You? 

The waterfall couldn't be more beautiful, we are pretty sure

He is trying to give us some serious Game of Thrones feels from this fortress... 

 The following photograph taken by Jord Hammond shows the Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Yuanyang county of Honghe prefecture, Southwest China's Yunnan province and it seems to be part of a colorful mosaic.
Photo Source: China Daily
With this photo in Indie Campers Van, he is giving us some serious travel goals, 

He has so much to awe us, but space constraints permits us from posting every thing. Now, when he is in Bali the followers are looking at him to post some soothing nature beauty. 


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