Saturday, July 20, 2019

Shan Shahid criticises Shah Rukh Khan for destroying Lion King by Playing Mufasa

Photo Credit: Koimoi 

Shan Shahid has a huge fanbase around the world. He is strong and influencing personality in Pakistan. His opinion matters a lot to the audience. Also, he has been known to be very cautious and vocal on social media. On the other hand, we have Shah Rukh who has quite large fanbase here as well.
Now he’s going to Mufasa in the Hindi dubbed version of The Lion King and his son Aryan in going to play Simba. Though many people loved and supported it.

Meanwhile, “[Please] don’t destroy an iconic film with Hindi [dubbing,]” begins Shaan, not even trying to be subtle. “No difference in Shah Rukh’s voice, it is like any other [voiceover] he does for his films. At least change your voice expression for a lion’s dub.”

“James Earl Jones must be laughing,” continues Shaan, because how would one tweet encompass his argument? “What Shah Rukh failed to understand is that the characters in the film are sketched according to the dubbing artists’ facial expressions. If you see Simba, he resembles Matthew Broderick.”

Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicle 

Shaan is confused about who’s voicing whom. Because, he’s criticizing Simba’s voice, that’s voiced by Aryan, but he’s bringing in James Earl Jones, who was the voice of Mufasa.
Also, some random people called him jealous, but he replied "No reason to be jealous brother" 

What do you guys think who's right? Share your thoughts in comments below..

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