Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saba Qamar in Baaghi

Photo Credit: SuchTV

Saba Qamar in Baaghi has inspired a lot of women while she is also actively focusing on social issues and discussing their importance within today’s Pakistan. It seems that many celebrities are trying to use this platform for the improvement of the country which is a positive effect.

The actress takes her work to heart to ensure that the reality of the incident can be felt. This shows that Saba’s intentions for the drama, on Qandeel Baloch, are genuine. 
“Baaghi is no random play or something that I’ve done before, I feel it was a huge learning curve for me and I’ve put my heart and soul into the project,” she previously shared. “I’ve been able to live as Qandeel and closely understand her and I don’t think I can put that into words.”

Photo Credit: Parhlo

Saba thinks that this drama was necessary for the society because there are too many familiar cases. She calls it a demanding character. As honour killing is practiced within our interior areas, it remains of the huge problems in our country. There are many cases that do not even make it to the headlines.
Additionally, she also has a fierce replies to her haters as many criticized her for working as Qandeel.

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