Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ukhano being accused of Harassment allegations

Photo Credit: Cutacut 
Recently, there has been a few allegations against a Pakistani vlogger and influencer ‘Umar Khan’ mainly known as Ukhano. He was accused of harassment which made people shocked. There were a few people who tried to listen to the both sides of story but mostly people were calling him and cancelling him out.
Eva Zu Beck is one of the people to talk speak up in this controversy. She shared her thoughts through Instagram story.

Eva has since retracted her statement on her story, stating, “I retract my previous [statement] about Umar’s actions. Umar seemed to be a friend, a brother to me, and I found it hard to believe in what circulating about him on the internet, his abominable actions. My immediate gut reaction was to support him, as one would support a brother. Unfortunately, I wasn’t made aware by him about the full and honest scope of what happened. Now that I have proper internet and the full picture, I can no longer support someone who shows clear disrespect to women. All my love and support to any woman who has ever faced harassment.”

Irafn Junejo also spoke about this..

But even after Eva's statement, people were not convinced. They were still complaining about these allegations.

Apart from Eva, people also criticized Moroo for supporting Ukhano. They thought that he was defending him for no reason.

There are all the details you need to know about Ukhano for now.. 

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