Monday, July 15, 2019

Nasir Khan Jan Savagely Roasted An Indian Troll Who Tried To Drag Him For His Looks !!!

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Nasir Khan Jan is no stranger to anyone these days. Either love him and appreciate his art form or you just don’t understand him and therefore, dislike him, he has a huge fan following. He has been stirring up Pakistani social platforms since he got back on social media.
He posted a picture saying ‘Agar handsome hona jurm hai to mein mujrim hon’
To this, a hater or an Indian troll replied ‘Anda jab ubalte time pateele mein fat jata hai wese lag rhe ho’
But Nasir Khan Jan is a for sure legend and he trolls a troll saying ‘itni pheeki comedy pe to Sidhu pa gee hi hass sakte hein’ This is such a savage response. He shows that no one can drag you for your looks or anything.

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