Saturday, July 13, 2019

Maya Ali Just Defended Item Songs In Films

Many item songs have been released in the past. However, the audience does not accept these entertaining dance numbers. People claim that they oppose our culture. This is a long debate itself.
First, Mehwish Hayat called her Item song Empowering but people did not agree. Now, Maya Ali has also joined the list of people presenting their item songs as a fair point.

The star of upcoming film Parey Hut Love spoke to Waseem Badami, sharing her surprisingly refreshing thoughts on the matter. She spoke "When you go to watch a film, you want to be entertained. You spent 500 or 300 rupees just to be entertained. And these songs are entertaining you."

After watching the video of Abbasi, she once again mentions, “Everyone sees things differently. My opinion is that films should be interesting. And for me, these are just songs”

She tops it all off by giving a familiar example. She said that Pakistani’s tend to dance to the same songs at weddings yet no one questions the decency. So, for her work is work and she agrees that the item numbers are not indecent.

We’re very biased against an entire gender when it comes to item songs. We could all be more accepting. It just seems like our quota of acceptance is reserved for men, and women in the industry become easy targets to pick on when they perform such dance numbers.

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