Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Imran Khan Unfollowed Renowned Journalist Hamid Mir On Twitter And It Became A Trend On Social Media

Social Media is unique in its nature. A tweet, a comment, a post, or any sharing can create trend there. Everyone starts talking about that particular trend. Yeah! It happens daily. Amidst many recent controversies and trends, one recent activity went viral on social media.

This is what has happened! 

Imran Khan has stopped following renowned journalist Hamid Mir on Twitter.
According to reports on social media and public’s commentsHamid Mir has been constantly criticizing the government following the arrest of former president and co-chair PPP Asif Ali Zardari.

Screenshot of Imran Khan's official Twitter account

The journalist even resorted to personal attacks against the prime minister in his show-Capital Talk on Geo TV. Some journalists are raising their voices against the media censorship in the present government. Among them was Mir, who made a series of comments against rising censorship in PTI’s government and termed Imran Khan’s rule a civilian dictatorship.
However, the government has precluded the claims against freedom of speech.
Earlier, Hamid Mir’s video had also gone viral on social media where he demanded his arrest which was termed by the PTI supporters as propaganda against the government under the pretext of freedom of media.

Following Khan’s this recent activity, his supporters had been carrying out a campaign against Hamid Mir by posting their ‘un-follow Hamid Mir’ screen shots.

Screen Captured from Twitter post
Someone stated this after Khan's unfollow of Mir,
Screen Captured from Twitter post

 Now, he realized this.. OKAY, what if Khan will follow him back ?
Screen Captured from Twitter post

 OKAY, Who gives these certificates? Twitteatis! Obviously, 

Screen Captured from Twitter post

Hamid Mir, on the other hand, said that it is an honor for a journalist that a politician follows him while he is in opposition and un-follows him when he comes into government.
Talking to a news channelMir exclaimed that the PM Khan is not ready to accept that media is facing restrictions under his government.

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