Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hamza Ali Abbasi uses a sensitive word 'Rape' and people are upset

Photo Credit: Samma TV
Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of the great actors in Pakistan. He is loved by the audience for his great performance in drama serials and super hit movies. Yet, on the other hand, he has a reputation of saying some statements that become easily controversial. Some people admire him for his trait but this is kind of behaviour is disapproved by many.

Recently, he made a statement on the arrest of a politician. But the way he chose was not very appropriate. He said that a big fish has been caught by the civilian government for the first time in the history.  He closes the tweet by comparing General Musharraf to the main figures of the parties, taking a few names.

The use of word ' Rape' made people upset. People do not approve the use of such sensitive word so casually. Then, people used their own platforms to express their thoughts on this tweet. 

Furthermore, people criticized him to learn more vocabulary and speak carefully. The use of such sensitive words such as rape in these small matters should be prohibited. They say that there was no need of using such a word in this context. 

Hamza has not given any other statement after being so much criticized by the fans to explain why he chose such a word to say. Public is really upset because of it. We hope the situation gets better in the future. 

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