Saturday, July 27, 2019

20 Things To Know About Japan That You Must Know Before You Plan Your Visit

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Japan is a country full of beautiful sakura watching spots, delicious sushi, and is rich in unique culture. But there are some things that many of us are not aware of about Japan.
Following are some facts to know about this unique country: 

1. Trains in japan are most punctual with an average delay of maximum 18 seconds.

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2. More than 50,000 people in Japan are over 100 years old. The adult diapers are more common than the baby diapers.

3. There are 18 World Heritage sites, 14 cultural and 4 natural sites. 

4. The literacy rate in Japan is about 99%. Almost everyone can read and write in the country. 
Photo Credit: Yumi Momoi

5. There are around 5.52 million vending machines in the country. 
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6. In Japan, people are so much interested in your blood type just like zodiac signs.

7. If you have food allergies or other medical problems you don't need to worry. Japan has dietary restrictions. 
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8. The world's oldest company Kango Gumi is operated in Osaka from 578 to 2006. It had history of about 14 centuries. 
Photo Credit: Wikimedia 
9. Dancing in commercial night clubs is illegal in Japan. 

10. Public transport is quite expensive in Japan. 

11. Square watermelons are produced in Japan to fit the size of the refrigerator. 
Photo Credit: tsungua Japan 
12. Some companies give their employes time to sleep during working hours.

13. Mobile phones are water proof to use in the shower.
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14. You can rent a pocket Wifi easily around the country.

15. Giving tip in Japan is not appreciated.

16. Toilets in Japan are very high technology.
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17. Be respectful of the rules on the subway. People are are considerate and quite.

18. Almost everyone wears surgical masks.
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19. People prefer walking instead of travelling on vehicles. 
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20. People usually take of their shoes before entering a restaurant.

These are some fun and unique facts about Japan. Read and tell us do these things exist in your country as well? 

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