Wednesday, July 31, 2019

10 Things To Know About New York City

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New York is the most populous city of United States. It exerts major significant impact on entertainment, education, technology, tourism, art, fashion, trends and sports. New York has more 3.2 million residents. Being at the heart of US, it has five boroughs which are Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island. This city also has the highest number of billionaires. 

Here are few facts to know about this City of Dreams:

1. The New York public library has over 50 million books.

2. More than 800 languages are being spoken in New York.

3. The Brooklyn Bridge is older than the tower bridge in London.

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4. New York City's federal bank has the largest gold storage in the world.

5. An average rent for one bedroom in New York is $3400 US.

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6. There are more than 380,000 millionaires in this city.

7. The Grand Central Terminal in New York has a Whispering Library. Hoking is illegal.

8. The Statue of Liberty was gifted by the French.

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9. This City is a home to the world's first underground park.

10. Times square is named after the New York Times.

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So, these are the few things you needed to know about New York. Comment down below if you know more. 

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