Wednesday, June 26, 2019

‘Pakistan Ka Star’ Contestant Roasted Judges.. and that 'Bezatti', UFFF..

Controversial Hamza Ali Abbasi is again back on social media but this time with not alone, glamorous KUBRA KHAN is also accompanying him. Our stars surely want to stay in the limelight. And well, right now, the Pakistani awaam is literally sitting on their couches, scratching their heads. Bro, if we talk about the very popular Hamza Ali Abbasi who is famous for his hypocritical/controversial actions and what not.

Yes, he did it again, what? A controversial cum hypocritical action. Abbasi recently schooled a contestant on his latest show ‘Pakistan Ka Star’ after her performance and criticized her for doing an item song and asked her to move on saying, “ye gand hai, yeh filth hai, ye aik aisi filth hai ke India bhi apni jaan churhwana chah rahi hai.”
After few days, what happened in the show was 'outstanding BISTI', check starlet attitude, BHAI BHAI BHAI...

Also check out this one,

OKAY JI, how people reacted is as follows,  “why are these ‘actors’ judging the contestants’ singing skills”? Hello, judges, we aren’t that stupid. Mtlab SERIOUSLY YAR, what is even going on?

Check out how public reacted, 

Hamza's INSTA FANS are like,

And then this one, 
WELL, the producers of the show really need to rethink what they’re doing because if this keeps on going, this show ain’t goin’ nowhere!

What you guys think about the show?  Should the judges be replaced? Or should they only be judging the contestant’s acting skills? Let us know in the comments below.
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